We have been married for thirty years.  After growing up working on his Dad’s ranch in Rio Vista, Lee had always dreamed of having his own place in the country, but being a software engineer made living closer to town a reality for many years.  Robin loves history;  her work as a librarian has taken her out of the history classroom, but she still has an abiding interest in history, both local and further afield.  Visiting historic places just wasn’t enough—she dreamed of owning a historic home of her own to preserve and make accessible to future generations.  White Garden Events at Markward Manor marries these two dreams. 

One of the happiest family times we ever enjoyed was our daughter’s wedding in 2013.  It was a wonderful day full of laughter, smiles, and joy with the whole family gathered together to mark a special occasion.  When God led us to pursue a new opportunity, we could not imagine anything better than helping other families find that same joyful experience in place that we both love.  Life together is an adventure—from raising three children, to  motorcycle racing (Lee), to singing Mozart’s Requiem in a  cathedral in France (Robin), to climbing to the top of Saint Olaf’s church in Tallinn, Estonia (both of us).  We look forward to serving you at the beginning of your own journey together, joined by God, for the adventure of a lifetime.

White Garden Events at Markward Manor